Trans Julius 2020:

Ride for yourself!

18 - 21 June 2020
New in program: pre-day, non-competitive registration and a stage in pairs!

Trans Julius registrations are open! For the first time also with non-competitive registrations, a stage in pairs and with a pre-day - dedidated to explore trails in Cerkno outside Bike & Fun Park Scott Cerkno - but don't worry to be too exhausted on the first day of the official competition - there will be many shuttle helpers on a way up on the first day! Diverse stages, local culinary after each riding day and car train are becoming Trans Julius tradition!


PRE-DAY: Hidden trails in Cerkno

Pre-day is dedicated to relaxed and fun riding around Cerkno hills outside Bike & Fun Park Scott Cerkno. Some of those trails some riders know from Trans Julius Training Days 2019. It will be a good intro into Trans Julius adventure!
The length of the trails: 7 km

Altitude: 800 m

1 DAY: Bike & Fun Park Scott Cerkno and other trails

First day of the official competition we will meet in the morning in Cerkno for registrations and after that the shuttle will take you to Bike & Fun Park Scoot Cerkno. After prologue there will be another stage in the park. After a short transfer (yes, pedaling) there will be another stage, which will finish in Cerkno.
The length of the trails: 8 kmAltitude: 1,200 m

In the evening there will be Welcome party with special bike challenge!


2 DAY: Soča Valley

In the morning we will travel with cars from Cerkno to Most na Soči (30 minutes drive). There will be the most technical stage (also the most wanted trail regarding the opinion of the riders in previous years). 

The length of the trails: 7 km

Altitude: 650 m


In the afternoon we will take a car train from Most na Soči to Bohinjska Bistrica. In the evening tradicional Trans Julius concert will take place on the longest day of the year!

3 DAY: Bohinj

In Bohinj you can expect two stages - first one will be longer (9 km). The last stage will be in pairs and it won't count for the final standings of Trans Julius 2020. 

The length of the trails: 13 km

Altitude: 1,350 m

Non-competitive registration fee

Non-competitive registration fee enhance all those riders who want to enjoy all the benefits as Trans Julius riders, but don't want to compete. The main difference is that you don't get timing chip and you will start after all competitors. 

Pre-day TJ 2020

Pre-day is dedicated to all those who get more holidays 😜and you are hungry for more riding! The only difference of the pre-day with other days is that you will not ride with timing chip. 

Stage in pairs

The last stage will be in pairs, but it will not count for the Trans Julius 2020 standings. You will find your riding partner during the competition. The fastest couple will get a special prize!

Trans Julius challenges

On Friday night a special series of bike challenges is waiting for you! Limbo dance and stand-up challenge are just the two most popular! Of course there will be awards for the best challengers!